Website Security Simplified

Threats to website security are a common problem, but only a few website owners, commercial operators or even web designers really understand the essence of the problem.

I have already written about why the security of the website 토토먹튀 is important for everyone, but it is a difficult concept to communicate with people who do not understand or do not understand the technology associated with the hosting of a website, an Internet service or a business of commerce. electronic.

Therefore, this article is an attempt to make a non-technical comparison that can be understood by anyone.

Imagine you have a conference center (your site). This object has many rooms (pages) and attracts hundreds of visitors (visitors or computer customers) every day. Some participants will regularly attend different courses or take the same course over and over again.


Other participants can quickly look and decide that they are not yet ready to take the course. But you can come back later.

Without you knowing it, in one of the classrooms there is a broken padlock coming out of the fire (vulnerability) through which the hypnotist arrives every day.

This hypnotist is an unpleasant person (malware), and quickly hypnotizes (infects) everyone in the room. He tells them to gather as much information as possible about the financial transactions of others. Then, when they hear the keyword “download”, they will disclose all the information collected and forget what they have done.

Therefore, the participants abandon their daily activities and, without understanding what they are doing, collect information in silence.

They collect bank statements and details of family members and loved ones, observe how people enter PIN codes at the box office and copy and delete information from the credit card.

They also collect security codes, PINs and passwords that are used for non-financial purposes, because they know that people often reuse them and can be useful.

Then, after a few days, a phone call comes in and a keyword is mentioned. The participants miss everything they have collected from the hypnotist.

Days, weeks or months pass before someone starts noticing. At the beginning it was a card transaction. Then the sheriffs are the ones who call, and in the end the reason is clear: the family and friends of the visitor became victims of identity theft and fraud, and lost thousands.

Tens, hundreds or even thousands of people were deprived of thousands or even millions of pounds.

In the end, the authorities explain the cause of the problem to the conference center, but there is no sign of a hypnotist.

All that is happening now is that participants lose confidence in the conference center and stop attending. Very quickly the center leaves the business.